"King Swagg" X "Jazman" litter due October 20, 2012

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"Thank you for visiting NMP. Here at NMP, we are in the early phases of something special. Luxury dogs for people who desire only the best is our motivation for breeding. Love for the American Pit bull Terrier, above all, will keep us around for a long time. NMP has never bought or sold a dog for profit or illegal use. NMP has bought and sold pit bulls in an attempt to better the breed. So please continue to visit our site. We will continue on our journey of breeding high quality American Pit bull Terriers!"

UPDATE! Tomboy won 1st place ABKC senior class, 1st show.
She won 1st place ABKC 2nd show and also won 1st place fun show, and best in show fun show.
All these new wins were from the Columbus, OH. show 08'.